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CRM Checker verify in bulk if an email address is attached to an HubSpot account.

The most reliable CRM Checker on the market

More than 100+ entrepreneurs like you enriched their list and launch their outbound campaigns.

Increase you reply rate

Stop wasting your time

You can now target the right people to present your offer. Same work, 3x more results.

100% live data, 0% database

Your file is enriched in live to ensure reliable delivery.

Send your list in bulk

Upload your CSV file and receive your results by email. Up to 1000 searches per file.

Easy to use
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Drag and drop

CRM Checker drag and drop solution is adapted to the processing of CSV files.

Your files containing an email column is enriched.

It's not magic, it's the CRM Checker's algorithm.


The only 100% GDPR compliant solution

Your data, not ours

CRM Checker does not sell contacts: only the prospect files you already have are enriched.

The data is yours, we do not sell them and we do not use them!

Zero database

All the solutions on the market make enrichment from stored databases.

CRM Checker is the only solution that doesn't have databases to enrich and thus guarantees you to have 100% GDPR compliant data.

An ethical tool

Your contact files are strictly confidential, they never leave your account. All files older than 30 days are automatically deleted.

You wouldn't give them to your competitors. Well, neither would we! 🖤


Simple, transparent pricing.

Always know what you'll Pay

Pay As You Go

No subscription needed

0,05€/email search
  • Bulk file upload
  • Live CRM check
  • Results send to your email
  • Starting at 1€
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